Quality framing begins with
quality products:
The Wall Shop offers prefabricated wall panels or
"panelized walls" that are constructed of top-quality
lumber under factory conditions.  Todays
homebuilders realize that customer satisfaction is
priority number one.  If you are interested in
learning more about prefabricated wall panels,
please select "Product Information" from the menu
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Wall Shop offers the highest quality wall panels to
contractors and builders across Colorado's front
range.  Our panels are built by framers, not lumber
yard laborers.  Demand that your next home be
built with panels from The Wall Shop!
Why use our panels?
The Prestwick Commons
Four-story commercial building
in downtown Colorado Springs.
The Singh Residence
15,000 square foot custom
residence in Littleton, CO
General contractors know that the construction industry is growing ever more
competitive each day.  Setting yourself a step above the competition is becoming
absolutely essential in todays market.  Customers have many choices of
contractors to select from, and are shopping for the highest quality at the best
value.  Using wall panels from The Wall Shop, will give you that extra edge in both
quality and price.  Following you will find a number of benefits reaped by our
customers  :

  • Higher Quality Construction- Conventional framing uses much "rougher"
    tools to construct framing elements.  Our indoor facility, laser-guided
    equipment and engineered layouts provide unmatched precision.

  • Built by Framers- The owners of our company as well as our employees all
    have in-depth framing knowledge.  Wall panels from other suppliers are
    often designed and constructed by individuals with no framing experience.

  • More Cost Effective- A study by the Wood Truss Council of America
    concluded that conventional framing takes nearly four times longer than
    framing panels.  Our state of the art job tracking allows us to price our
    panels more aggressively than our competitors and deliver your product
    more efficiently.

  • Less Waste, Theft and Fewer Delays- Using panels means that there are
    fewer raw materials on site, which limits your exposure to theft.  Panels
    from The Wall Shop come as a complete system which reduces field work
    and the waste it generates, keeping your job-sites cleaner than your
    competitors.  Using our panels also reduces the requirement for loose
    lumber so you are less likely to run into delays due to material shortages,
    you will spend less time doing quantity estimates, and your supervisors will
    not be tied up ordering additional material.

  • Faster Build Time- We all know that time is money and shaving days or
    even weeks off your construction schedule adds up quickly.  Our panel
    packs are delivered with easy-to-read layouts corresponding to the panel
    labels (walls are individually labeled on the bottom of the plate so they may
    be easily located in the stack).  Inspectors from the building department are
    often aware of the quality of panelized walls making frame inspections

  • Reduce Your Dependency on Subcontractors- With the increase in
    demand comes a shortage of quality framers.  Using wall panels means
    you'll require fewer framers, so you can use the experienced crews you
    have and produce more than ever!

  • Weather Resistant- We understand that construction delays do happen.  
    When we stack our panels, we use an "encapsulating" system.  This
    ensures that the framing members of each panel are protected from the
    elements until the pack is opened.

With the increased demand on the construction industry comes a shortage of
knowledgeable and skilled framing contractors.  With panels, you require fewer
skilled framing crews and you improve your overall building quality.  It is a tool that
allows you to help your subs and gives you that extra reassurance that your project
with be delivered on schedule and under budget.
::Raising the Bar for Construction Quality::
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It's all about quality control.  If
your quality standards are strict,
you'll deliver a quality product
every time and that is what our
customers are looking for."
                                  -Terry Tripp